What is Skins?

Skins  is a mobile app that is designed to inform users on skincare products and its ingredients & it's personalized for each and every user.

Why do you need it?

With skincare becoming a huge industry for people all around the world, it's hard to keep track of all the new products coming up and how to know if it matches with your skincare goal. It's hard to find a collection of every product in one platform.

This mobile app was designed with the ultimate purpose of helping users to improve the health of their skin. I wanted to figure out a way on how to use modern technology in order to a assist a very common problem that many people have.

Research & Findings

Target Audience

The target audience for this app is designed for people between the ages of 14-30 as it is during that time that people experience the most difficulty and interest in their skin. While the main demographic is female, this app is also designed to encourage males as there has been a growing interest and demand.


I decided to interview people within that age group to see what their current skincare routine is like and how it can be enhanced. I also wanted to see how informed they are in skincare. A couple of questions that I had in mind were:
What frustrations do you currently have with your skincare routine?
Why do you find it challenging to learn more on skincare?
How do you currently find your resources?
Why do you or do you not think it's important to be educated about skincare?


Interviewing multiple of people further proved to me that everyone's skin and routine is different. Some people had practically no knowledge about skincare, others had an overwhelming knowledge of it but one thing that everyone had was an issue with their skin. However, although each individual has different severity levels, I realized that every person has at least one frustration about their skin. An aspect I found interesting was the difference between the male and female participants. Female participants would have a more structured skincare routine and a more in-depth knowledge on skin in general while the majority of the male participants would have a simpler routine and less knowledge on skin care. Yet, both male and female participants shared which aspect they struggle with, affirming my belief that that this skincare app would be useful for both men and women. It is because of my findings that I wanted to create a gender-neutral space so that both females and males can use the app so everyone may feel the sense of not belonging.

The Process

Evolution of skins

The process of this project is interesting because of how much alteration it went through. The original concept had a lot going on. I wanted to add a diary page (where users can log in their skin condition and other skin-related health conditions), a products page (showing skincare products), a skin analysis  (which, hypothetically, would be done through users taking photos of their face), dermatologist finder (finding a dermatologist near users), and skincare reminders (i.e. setting a reminder to do exfoliation). But after going through user testing, I realized that many users found all the features overwhelming so I decided to make the app have a focus on skincare products instead.

Final Product

Product Analyzer

Some of the changes I made from the initial concept was to remove the reminders and the dermatologist locator page. I also reconstructed the skin analyzer page to a product analyzer. Rather than analyzing the user's skin, the app would scan the product and list all the benefits and risks as I wanted this app to be more informative-based. Additionally if users were to swipe left, it'd lead them to a discover page where they can find products and ingredients that would personally benefit them.


On the profile page I decided to keep things as simple and minimalistic as possible so it wouldn't be too intimidating for users who are new to skincare. The profile page helps the app recognize what type of skin the user has in order to recommend products that will better match the user.


The products page includes all skincare products which can be found in its category or by searching the product name or brand. Users have the option of "liking" the product which can be seen on their profile later and they can also click the shopping cart which will lead them to a third-party website  where they can purchase the product. Additionally, the app allows users to  read and write the reviews which can be filtered by the skin type they have.

Final Thoughts


As this was my first time designing a mobile app and also doing user research, I learned a lot from this project. I wish I could have created questionnaires and surveys so I could get better quantitative data. While I enjoyed doing the interviews to get a more in-depth perspective, I feel like I could have gotten more accurate results and a better understanding of general users by combining both the qualitative and quantitative research.  ​

Ultimately, I believe that
skins could be a less intimating means for users to gain more insight and knowledge about their skin and skincare as a whole as it places more focus on the product. The reason why I chose to place emphasis on the product is because my findings showed methat the participants had more interest in that area.

I gained a lot from project and I am excited to learn and grow even more as a designer. I'm looking forward to creating and design more products that could be beneficial to all users.