Oct - Dec 2020
Research, Ideation, Design, Illustration
Figma, Principle, Adobe CC
Nicole Lozano, Johnson Luong, Johanna Lim

Let's make shopping enjoyable again

Korb is a smart bag that pairs with your mobile device to automatically detect items, making shopping instant and efficient. Through Korb, users have the opportunity to have instant updates to what’s in their bag and check product availability and current promotions while also being able to shop without having to greet the cashier.

Current Problem

Long fitting room and cashier lineups, shopping bags in landfills, and sales associates individually scanning each item...all of this often leads to wasted time and missed items. Additionally, workers are already busy enough without customers constantly asking for inventory on certain items but it’s hard for customers to find the products they want on their own.When shopping for clothing, you want to make sure that it’s the right fit but as soon as you see the long line for the fitting room, you start to have second thoughts whether or not you really need to get those new pair of jeans. And even when you wait in line to try the item on, there’s another long line ahead for you to check out. We wanted to bring back the enjoyable aspects of shopping which is why we decided to create Korb.

Our Research

We began with identifying the pain points that users have with ordinary shopping bags and carts and also the inconvenience of the current shopping experience. We used the PACT analysis method to get a deeper investigation to how we can solve the issue.  Some key points we discovered was how most shoppers hated waiting in lines, especially if they’re carrying heavy items or only have one or two products they wanted to check out. Another point we believed was important was saving the user’s time. It can be the worst when you take your time and energy to go to the store only to find that they don’t have your size or they sold out of the product you were looking for. Through the combination of the PACT analysis and user personas, we realized what our objectives were: to be effortless and immediate. We decided to utilize RFID scanners to the edges of the bag so Korb would be able to detect the items automatically.

How It Works

1. Activate your korb™ bag
Turn on your korb™ with the push of the power button located at the rim of the bag
2. Download the app
Download the korb™ app off the App Store or Google Play
3. Scan the QR code
Scan your korb™ QR code to add your korb™ bag to your account
4. Start Shopping
Insert a korb  compatible product into your bag. Your korb™ will automatically scan it and add it to your app.
5. Keep track on your phone
See what’s in your bag with live updates from the app. You can also view: store inventory, product details, pricing, and more
6. All done
Walk out of the store and the transaction will automatically be completed.
No more lines!

The Website

We decided to design a website for our produce in order to help inform users on how it works while also promoting the product further. On the website users can not only become further educated about Korb but they can also order the  size, colour, and style they would like their Korb to come in.
See the full website walkthough here

The Mobile App

The app was especially important as it was one of two main components of Korb. Through the app, users can see the items placed in their bag, promotions, shopping list, payment methods, and more. We put a lot of effort into analyzing how we can bring the best experience to our users. As you can see in our user flow, we kept it relatively simple with three main pages: the ‘Bag’ page, ‘ Explore’ page and ‘Account’ page. We didn’t want to add too many features as it could cause users to be confused and overwhelmed by the app, but we did make the decision to bring in elements that would be able to enhance the quality like seeing the item availability and current sales.


Have plans soon? No worries. Pairing your Korb to your phone takes five minutes. After you finish download the app, just enter your email address and personal information and scan the QR code.

Your Account

Adding a new Korb bag to the app is easy peasy. Or perhaps you want to add or remove a card?  No worries. You can do that on the Account page with minimal time and effort. Here, you can also check purchase history, change any settings, and check which coupons you have saved.


Take a look at what’s trending, upcoming deals, and even exclusive Korb sneak peeks. On the Explore page, users have the opportunity to save items that they’re interested in and check whether your local store has your size in stock.

Your Bag

Take a look at the current items in your Korb, add or modify your shopping list (which will automatically be crossed off once you add the item to your Korb), and even see what’s on your wish list. Here, you can even change your payment method or you can just leave the store if you don’t have any changes you’d like to make.

Promotional Video

Our team decided to create a promotional video in order to help users better understand Korb and to also spread the word of our revolutionary smart bag. We decided to edit and animate it ourselves so we can better illustrate how Korb would be used.


This project was one of the most fulfilling ones I’ve ever done. It challenged me to think beyond and remove borders that unknowingly existed and encouraged me to further think about the possibilities of design today, and in the future. I learned so much from Korb and I’m so excited to implement all the new skills and concepts I learned to my future projects.The most challenging aspect about this project was probably gathering the logistics of it on how exactly it would work and creating the promotional video. We had decided one week and a half before the due date to omit our original promotional video and to create a completely new one. We had to suddenly create a script, storyboard, illustrate, and animate the new video within a week along with all the other tasks we already had to do with this class and other classes. But I definitely think it was worth it.Additionally, while I am proud of this project, I do feel slight regret over some aspects, knowing that it could be improved. For example, I wish that we could have somehow create an option for users to change their payment methods after they leave the store or for users to have the ability to reserve an item for up to 12 hours. However, I know that while I can’t change the past of this project, I can be more thoughtful and have a better analysis on my future projects.  I want to thank my instructor, Jamie, for pushing us and helping us to create a wonderful product that will hopefully be made one day. He challenged our creativity and supported us throughout the project while also inputting wonderful suggestions and ideas. I also am so thankful for my team members as this project wouldn’t be the same without them. Their talent and ideas led us to its success and we both cheered for each other and suffered together. Although I’ve never met them, they seemed like pretty cool people.